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A year or two ago my family and I watched for the first time together Little Shop of Horrors — easily my favorite musical, and a great movie, too, from director Frank Oz. You may remember there’s a kind of doo-wop Greek chorus in it, inspired by the “girl groups” of the sixties; watching the movie inspired me, later that night, to draw a couple of those original groups. After that I put them aside until this just week, as I scrambled to get together some works for my art show, which opens this(!!) Saturday. I added the Chiffons to the two groups I already had (the Ronettes and the Crystals — I had to throw out a kind of disastrous Supremes, saving them for another project, some other time), and I fashioned them all together into a single tribute. Here’s the week’s progress and final result:



IMG_2380 copy

I’m excited to have my first-ever public showing of my drawings, something I thought I’d never do; I’m only doing it now thanks to the encouragement of some very fine friends. And I’m delighted to show these drawings alongside the photography of Jared Ragland, an artist whose work I very much admire. If you’re in Birmingham, I hope you’ll come to the opening: it’s at The Jaybird this Saturday, August 11, from 7 to 9. We’ll have music provided by djcasequarter (the illustrious Kevin Nutt), and a short set too from Tiny Montgomery. We’ve got the ingredients for a very fine night.

(For more drawings, see this previous post, or this one.)

P.S. Usually I write here about the outsides of empty cardboard boxes — but stay tuned in the next week or two for a post about the insides of this cardboard box, which arrived at our house yesterday — and about whose contents I’m positively giddy.


P. S., also: For the last thirty days I’ve been posting to Instagram daily photos I’ve taken over the years of boiled peanut stands and boiled peanut signs. Today marked the last day in the series, with this portrait of the artist, a photo taken in Florida a few years back by Susan Shoemaker. To see the whole set — as well as additional drawings not seen on this blog, and posts about my radio show and the roots of American music — check out @lostchildradio. Thanks, everybody.


5 thoughts on “Baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby baby

  1. Hi Burgin,

    My! You ARE multi-talented. Your drawings are great, and I love the way you have integrated them so easily with your terrific hand-lettering. I predict you will have a very successful opening tomorrow night. You are just bursting with talent. have fun! Celebrate yourself.

    I look forward to your posting about what’s in the box. Tee-hee!

    Now about the photo. You know what song from the 60s is going through my mind—“Hot Nuts, Hot Nuts . . . .”

    I was in a short-lived all -girl rock and roll group at Hollins. We called ourselves the Virginia Wolves. (You probably don’t know Hollins. It’s in Roanoke.) When I was in college I believe there were over 200 female institutions or higher learning. I think there now no more than 40—if that.


    Sandy H.


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    1. Thanks, Sandy! You are very kind. I love the name the Virginia Wolves. Are there pictures of the group? I’d love to see them.

      I do know Hollins. I too am a product of a girls’ school — I graduated from Vassar, but only after they started letting boys in.


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