Burgin Mathews is host of The Lost Child, a downhome roots music radio hour airing weekly, since 2012, on Birmingham Mountain Radio. Listen locally at 107.3 FM, or stream it anywhere at You can catch The Lost Child every Saturday morning from 9 to 10, Central, and every Tuesday evening from 11 to midnight.

Be sure to follow the show on Facebook and Instagram (@lostchildradio). And check out our partial archives at Mixcloud, where you can stream a sampling of our past shows anytime you want to.

Some weeks The Lost Child follows a theme; other weeks it’s a wide-ranging and freewheeling mix of American musics. Theme-wise, give a listen to our moonshine show or the barbecue show, our epic tribute to Hank Williams (featuring rarities and classics, unlikely covers, live recordings, demos, roots, and oddities), or our tributes to Muhammad Ali or Martin Luther King. There’s the “country music politicians” show and any number of Valentines, Halloween, or other holiday specials — plus our salutes to Mighty Soul Women (parts one & two) and (the sequel to that series) Badass Country Women. If you’re looking for a little more hope in this world you might try, say, “We’re in the Same Boat, Brother” or “All You Fascists Bound to Lose.” But most of all, set your calendars and clocks and tune in Saturday mornings and Tuesday nights, so you don’t miss an episode.

Sometimes, too, there are visuals:

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Tune in.