March Around Hatred

Tonight on your TV, the president will be talking about walls.

Here’s a song about a different president and walls:

The Jewel Gospel Singers recorded “The Modern Joshua” one week after the assassination of John F. Kennedy. The song connects the murdered president to the Biblical hero —

   Just like old Joshua, he marched around the wall
   And bit by bit, it began to fall

— and then it asks us to look at ourselves:

   You’d better mind how you deal with God’s children

The walls in this song are metaphorical, but they’re relevant to the concrete and steel being talked about on the TV tonight. The Jewel Gospel Singers end with a call to action:

   Let’s march around the walls (’til the walls come tumblin’ down)
   March around the walls, ’til they come tumblin’, tumblin’
   We’ll march around hatred
   Around deceit
   The walls of prejudice
   The walls of ignorance
   Of fear
   The walls of bigotry
   And then love 
   will appear

We’d better get our boots on. And mind how we deal with God’s children.

The Jewel Gospel Singers
The Jewel Gospel Singers


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